Chemball Reminding: Before you use Chemball website, please be sure to carefully read the following terms and agree with this statement. Firstly, Chemball is a professional chemical B2B network platform. Anyone and enterprise who use Chemball website should strictly observe the relevant national laws and regulations. Any contraband chemical products are forbidden on Chemball (drugs, drugs easily to produce, stimulants, chemical products used in biochemical weapons and etc.).
Secondly, Chemball respect and the protect privacy right of all users. No one on Chemball would take the initiative to let out your registered account number and password to third party without your permission.
Thirdly, Chemball is just a network platform for information display. The information which appears on our Site about our members or their products (including but not limited to company name, contact person and details, product description and specifications, photographs, videos, etc.) is provided by the members. Chemball is not responsible for the business activities of any of our members in using or providing website information.